Last 19 of October, in London Omoove opened its Sharemine platform to community managers and the public.
The Sharemine platform is web-based and fully-customisable. It allows individuals and companies to easily set up their own, online car-sharing and ridesharing mobile communities and then act as community managers. They are then able to offer members vehicles for hire, the opportunity to share their cars, as well as the chance to share rides with each other.
Carowners providing their cars to the community can gain the maximum value from their vehicles when they are not being used. For example, if commuters are driving to the train station, rather than paying for parking during the day, they could allow a local business or entrepreneur acting as a community manager to rent their car for local usage and therefore earn money, rather than spending it. Sharemine also allows for ‘thematic’ communities, such as sports fans arranging transport to away games, or parents looking to carpool for school drop-offs and pick-ups.

Edwin Colella, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Omoove said: “At its heart the sharing economy is designed to help individuals create communities that benefit each other, whether that is by saving money, saving time or creating new ways to earn by making their assets work harder.

“The high cost of vehicle ownership means that this area has huge cost savings potential for car owners. Technology means ride and car-sharing is increasingly accessible to everyone and Sharemine provides a simple-to-use way for everyone to be part of their community, while also doing their part for the environment. It enables anyone to become a shared-mobility entrepreneur through operating a car- or ridesharing community.”
Sharemine is already available in Italy, Spain and the UK since last October, with further EU countries to follow. Sharemine will be launched in the US in Q1 2018. Sharemine has been developed by Omoove, a fully-owned subsidiary of Octo, which focuses on creating Shared Mobility solutions.
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