We are a group of Strategic analysts with extensive knowledge in new technologies, new business models and innovative entrepreneurship. We truly believe that the same concept of change has changed and we try to find an answer to the following question:
Are we changing as fast as the world around us?
Companies lose their relevance when the rate of internal change lags the pace of external change. Good strategies get supplanted by better strategies when newcomers invent more efficient ways of meeting customer needs. This is the reason why we decided to focus and analyze in depth all that sort of things that are changing at an exponential pace and try to forecast were the world is going to. According to the physics, a system is defined as chaotic when it becomes impossible to know where it will be next. There is no predictability; the system never is in the same place twice. But as a chaos theory shows, if we look at such a system long enough and with the perspective of time, it always demonstrates its inherent orderliness. In short, the most chaotic of system never goes beyond certain boundaries. We agree with Macchiavelli when he wrote (The Prince) that …Because the Romans did in these instances what all prudent princes ought to do, who have to regard not only present troubles, but also future ones, for which they must prepare with every energy, because, when foreseen, it is easy to remedy them; but if you wait until they approach, the medicine is no longer in time because the malady has become incurable
Sharing economy is one of those things that are accelerating the change. Today we share houses, bikes, offices, restaurants, bikes, ridings, etc. and we predict that the era of “Apocalypse Park” has already started. We imagine a future where we don’t own a car anymore.  Car sharing will be part of our life and it will be normal as just calling a taxi. We imagine a future where cars are at home and cities are free again of smog, CO2 emission, etc. We imagine a future where parking spaces are transformed in green areas and parks. And this is our dream, and we are working to get there.
Our Staff

John Reed                             Mike Navy                         Jimmy Lecar