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Friday, September 21, 2018
Blockchain Travel

How The Blockchain Is Speeding Up Our Travel

By Brian Penny It doesn’t seem like the transportation industry could be completely disrupted by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Of course, the idea of both Lyft and Uber dominating local transportation industries across the globe seemed laughable a decade...
Share Bikes

Share Bikes Hit The Road

By Erika Echternach From Shanghai to Barcelona bike share programs have become an international phenomenon, so why has Sydney sent multiple bike share operators packing? Of the four bike sharing companies currently operating in Sydney, two...
Carshare Teen

Four reasons to use a carshare for your teen

  School’s out for summer. As teens rejoice everywhere, moms and dads face the daunting task of adding being a taxi driver to the list of parental duties. Oh, the sunshine and long days! But also...
Hyundai Mobility

Hyundai Motor Builds Mobility Business Belt that Links US, Europe and Asia

By Michael Herh Hyundai Motor secured a bridgehead into the US considered the biggest future car market while investing in Migo, a car sharing information provider in the US. The investment in Migo is the...
Telematics Claims

Telematics provide assistance in claims

By Joe Doerr In the first installment of this series, I gave an introduction to telematics, explained the link between telematics and CSA, and showed how telematics could have an immediate impact on Unsafe Driving...
Car Share

‘Car share only’ parking raises ire

By Michael R. Sisak, New York: in a city where parking spots can be as hard to come by as "Hamilton" tickets, residents are at odds over a new arrangement that's taking away hundreds of...
China Mobility

China’s mobility industry is growing at a dizzying pace

By Raymond Tsang and Usman Akhtar China has quickly become the world’s largest mobility market, as consumers embrace new digital practices arising from the convergence of innovations in automotive, technology and e-commerce. The robust growth will...
Electric Bike

Uber’s Dockless Electric Bike Service Jump Is Coming to Chicago

By  Jim Dallke   Uber is the latest company to bring dockless bike-sharing to Chicago. Uber announced Friday that it will launch its dockless electric bike-sharing service Jump on Chicago’s South Side starting Monday. It’s taking part in the City of Chicago’s...
Carpooling Consumers

The Next Level of Carpooling

By Haden Kirkpatrick, Esurance The idea of “access vs. ownership” has recently become a major trend that impacts consumer models across categories. According to marketing strategists, Gen Y, Gen Z and even some Gen X consumers are...
Australian Market

World’s leading car share service sizing up Australian market

 By Ryan Lewis THE WAY we use our cars and the number of vehicles the average Aussie household needs are on the brink of dramatic change with the proliferation of alternative mobility options in our major cities. The...

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