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Friday, September 21, 2018
Blockchain Travel

How The Blockchain Is Speeding Up Our Travel

By Brian Penny It doesn’t seem like the transportation industry could be completely disrupted by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Of course, the idea of both Lyft and Uber dominating local transportation industries across the globe seemed laughable a decade...
Lifestyle Taxi

Ride sharing all about lifestyle

By Camri Nelson  cnelson@limanews.com More individuals in larger cities may decide to utilize ride sharing services as opposed to owning a car in the future, but that does not seem the case for people who...
GM Ride-Share

For A Self-Driving Car Ride-Share Service, GM Is Keeping Its Options Open

By Sean Szymkowski General Motors has plans to commercialize the self-driving car in 2019 in the form of a ride-sharing service. However, there’s no concrete plan on how that service will look just yet. GM CEO Mary Barra commented...
Ride Sharing

How safe is ride sharing

  Business travellers around the world feel marginally safer in taxis than in ride-sharing services, according to research commissioned by Carlson Wagonlit Travel, the global travel management company. Around two in five (39%) business travellers surveyed...
Ride-Share Drivers

Legislation passed in New York City favouring ride-share drivers, and Australia could be next

By Emmanuel Josserand, University of Technology Sydney and Sarah Kaine, University of Technology Sydney This week, New York City legislated to require a minimum pay rate for ride-share drivers  — the result of a two-year campaign by the Independent Drivers Guild. This massive mobilisation of drivers...
BMW Ride

BMW Combines Car and Ride Sharing

By Matt DeLorenzo Through its ReachNow mobility unit, BMW is offering both ride and car sharing services through a single app, allowing users to choose whether they want to drive a car or hail a...
Regulatory Ride-share

Regulatory questions remain as some markets seek to cap ride share services

By Bethany Blankley New York City is the first major U.S. city to limit private companies from providing ride-share services to customers as cities and states across the country debate how to regulate the...
Profitable Ride

Ride-sharing operators can be profitable – if they cooperate with governments

By Tom Barratt,  Alex Veen,  Caleb Goods,  Emmanuel Josserand,  Sarah Kaine   Australians in need of personal transport other than taxis have many options – Shofer, Taxify, GoCatch, Shebah and Uber. India’s Ola launched a few months ago, and Chinese DiDi started...
Ride India

The demand for ride-sharing apps in India and why more people are using them

By Sanchit Khera If there is a way to save cost, then a majority of the Indian consumers will try to check it out. That’s been one of the more important ways in which ride...
Disruptive Cycle

Smart Mobility: The disruptive cycle

By Tan Zhai Yun If you hope to disrupt a market, it would be better to cooperate with the authorities to ensure that your service is here to stay. This is a lesson that Ng...

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