In addition to the BICAR project, the start-ups “Prognolite” with their anti-food-waste software and “Myblueplanet” with their app promoting awareness for climate-friendly consumer behavior got support too.
Climate friendliness is also the keyword for the BICAR rolling through the city of Winterthur. As the BICAR vehicle is 100% electrically powered and uses the sun as a direct renewable energy source with its integrated solar cells, the direct CO2 output is literally nil.
A conventional car produces on average 140 g CO2/km. BICAR offers its users a mobility solution that is completely independent of time tables and stopping stations of public transport, and attractive in all weather conditions, making the use of a car redundant for countless trips in urban traffic.
We would like to thank the Climate Foundation of the Stadtwerke Winterthur and all its patrons who made this sponsorship possible for the generous support.