A first for Saskatchewan and for Canada – a 100 per cent electric and solar powered car sharing program launched Tuesday in Saskatoon.
It’s part of the CarShare Co-operative that already exists with two regular gas-powered vehicles in its fleet in the Broadway neighbourhood.
The new solar powered electric car’s home base is a charging station in the City Park neighbourhood.
The co-operative has plans to add additional electric cars in the near future.
“Usually they have about 140 kilometre driving range,” Allyson Brady, with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, said during Tuesday’s unveiling.
“In the winter that range is a little lower so that’s something we want to be aware of.”

Saskatoon’s first electric and solar CarShare car.

“People generally will use the vehicles for short trips like going to get groceries or maybe heading to a meeting on the other side of town,” Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative co-ordinator Megan VanBuskirk said.
By adding this new car to the fleet, VanBuskirk anticipates this will help grow the co-operative’s membership of 70 people.