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Saturday, March 24, 2018
Taxi Uber

Ola, Uber and taxi aggregators may soon allow private cars as cabs

by Shantonil Nag Soon private cars will be able to imply as taxis in the country through aggregators like Uber and Ola. A high-level panel has recommended liberalising taxi permit norms to promote shared mobility and reduce...
Transit Cities

Shared transit a fix for traffic bottlenecks in cities: experts

By HYDERABAD Shared transport modes were consistently taking over private transit choices in Indian cities, including Hyderabad. Ride-sharing and shuttle services were growing at a pace of 9% per annum. This against the 3.16% growth rate of...
Scooter Service

A Scooter Ride-Sharing Service Is Coming to Melbourne

By Greta Brereton Scooti is a new ride-sharing service coming to Melbourne this April. Its point of difference in a crowded market? Passengers will be getting around on two wheels instead of four – the...
Mobility Experience

Bosch Mobility Experience: Not driving and not owning cars is the future of mobility

By: Arpit Mahendra Every 25 seconds or so, someone loses their life in a traffic accident somewhere in the world. 1.2 million traffic fatalities take place every year and about 90 % of these accidents happen...
Dubai Taxis

The present and future of taxis in Dubai

By Angel Tesorero Sustainability and smart mobility are at the core of Dubai's vision to become the 'smartest' city in the world. Add to the equation the fast developing technology and we witness a big change...
Australia Car

Car ownership the norm, despite the rise in car sharing

By Caitlin Fitzsimmons  When Bronwen Morgan and her husband Jim Conley moved back to Australia with two small children in tow, her mother lent them her car. But within a week they'd racked up two...
App Taxi

Taxi firms in Japan testing out ride-hailing apps to stay competitive

  Taxi companies across Japan are working with ride-hailing apps to enhance efficiency, improve customer convenience, and to keep up with global changes in the market. Sony Corp. and six major taxi firms including the Tokyo-based...
USA Transit

Ride Sharing Begins to Replace Rapid Transit in USA

  Public transit officials in cities across the United States are trying to find ways for ride sharing to complement existing public transit options or those in the development pipeline, while others worry that ride...
Public Transport

The Bus Stops Here! Innovative Tech To Transform Public Transport

By Charles Bybelezer    Imagine never having to walk to, wait for and frustrate over a bus again, but, rather, the vehicle is conveniently routed directly to you, on-demand, in accordance with your own specifications. Such is the...
Car-sharing Garage

1,000 Cars, No Garage: Why Car-Sharing Works

By : Jennifer Kent & Robyn Dowling Car-Sharing: Owning a car can be a hassle, especially if you live somewhere where driving is an occasional, rather than daily, necessity. This might help to explain why car-sharing...

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