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Monday, January 21, 2019
Car Money

How your next car could make you money

By Dom Tripolone HYUNDAI owners will soon be able to earn thousands for simply not using their car. The South Korean car maker has joined forces with local car sharing company Car Next Door which allows...
Renault Paris

Renault to launch new electric car-sharing service in Paris

  Renault said on Wednesday it would launch its new service in September – a move that comes just as Autolib charging stations are stripped from the streets of Paris. It plans to have up to 2,000...
Hyundai Mobility

Hyundai Motor Builds Mobility Business Belt that Links US, Europe and Asia

By Michael Herh Hyundai Motor secured a bridgehead into the US considered the biggest future car market while investing in Migo, a car sharing information provider in the US. The investment in Migo is the...
Zipcar Sharing

San Diego Designates More Zipcar Sharing Spaces Under Climate Action Plan

BY CHRIS JENNEWEIN San Diego has designated additional parking spaces for Zipcar shared vehicles in Little Italy, Mission Hills and downtown under the city’s climate action plan. Seven new spaces bring the total throughout San Diego to nearly 50 that...
Uber Succes

Uber’s success a ‘double edged’ sword

By David Marin-Guzman It used to be that the world had to adapt to Uber. Now Uber is having to adapt to the world it helped create. In the four years since the rideshare company started operating...

EVs and car-sharing – the perfect couple?

by Siegfried Mortkowitz Although global sales of plug-in vehicles are forecast to comprise only about 2% of global new car sales for the year 2018, and EVs make up only 0.2% of all light-duty passenger...
Car2go Chicago

Car2go Point-to-Point Car-Sharing Has Launched in Chicago

By John Greenfield No one could argue that Car2go CEO Olivier Reppert didn’t have some skin in the game during the Chicago launch of the point-to-point car-sharing service this morning in Pioneer Court. He stood motionless...
Disruptive Cycle

Smart Mobility: The disruptive cycle

By Tan Zhai Yun If you hope to disrupt a market, it would be better to cooperate with the authorities to ensure that your service is here to stay. This is a lesson that Ng...
Malaisya Sharing

Malaysia’s ride-sharing empire looks set to grow

By MARK RAO  SO YOU just got laid off and you need to keep things going, and you need a steady source of income that could keep you afloat in the longer run. One of the...
Malaysia Mobility

Smart Mobility: Car sharing catching on in Malaysia

By Vanesha Shurentheran Car sharing is catching on in the country, especially among millennials, many of whom cannot afford to own a car because of the rising cost of living or who are too environmentally...

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