By Chris Kelly

The system utilises AI, big data and 5G initiatives to help automated traffic flows and alleviate congestion

Huawei has launched its Intelligent Traffic Management Solution for overseas markets to address the challenges of traffic law enforcement, traffic violation inspection and traffic control with advanced technologies including big data, AI, cloud and 5G.

During the current Covid 19 pandemic, ICT technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence have played an important role in epidemic prevention and control, making governments and enterprises around the world realise that digital transformation is inevitable. With the economy recovering and markets resuming, a safe and operational transportation system is essential.

“Smooth and orderly traffic is a key prerequisite for the next round of economic recovery. Huawei’s Intelligent Traffic Management Solution adopts a variety of new technologies, such as AI and big data, to transform traffic management from experience-based to intelligent, and from “looking for a needle in a haystack” to “precisely guided operations,” said York Yuekun, president of Huawei Global Government Business Unit.

As one of the largest industrial cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yanbu deployed Huawei’s Intelligent Traffic Management System in 2019.

“Our goal is to build Yanbu into one of the safest cities in the world. To achieve this goal, we need to ensure road safety and provide an efficient and safe traffic environment for our people. After the deployment of Huawei’s Intelligent Traffic Management System in 2019, it achieved remarkable results within a few months,” said Engr. Thamer Anwar Noori, manager of communication & emergency system, industrial security and safety, at the Royal Commission at Yanbu.

Transforming road traffic management & safety digitalisation through Huawei Intelligent Traffic Management Solution

Road traffic management and safety is always among the top priority for many governments around the world as it has a direct impact on life quality. Huawei is working closely with our ecosystem partners to develop the Intelligent Traffic Management Solution (ITMS), supporting system integration upon an open platform.

Among Huawei ITMS partners is Hawkie Shang, vice president of E-Hualu International Technology Co., Ltd.

“Traffic and human resources are inseparable. Intelligent off-site law enforcement reduces human resource requirements in traffic management. In the future, we will use big data to perform in-depth relationship analysis in core business domains and use AI to usher in a new era of urban traffic management,” he said.

Augustine Chiew, APAC & Russia Lead, Government Business, Huawei, elaborated on Huawei’s Intelligent Traffic Management Solution, “The solution consists of three parts, namely ‘Sharp Eyes’, a ‘Powerful Brain’, and ‘Intelligent and Simplified O&M.’ The ‘Sharp Eyes’ module replaces traditional single functionality sensors with intelligent sensors that support deployment of multiple algorithms to better detect violations and collect comprehensive traffic information. The ‘Powerful Brain’ module process and analyses large amount of traffic data in real-time, enhancing traffic managers’ ability to make better and more accurate decisions. The ‘Intelligent and Simplified O&M’ module uses integrated sites and the eSight O&M platform to support fast and seamless deployment, and E2E multi-dimensional management.”