The automotive sector is relying more on AI technology, which offers many impressive benefits.

By Diana Deville

Artificial intelligence technology is changing the future of many industries. Global companies spent over $328 billion on AI last year. This figure is expected to grow as more companies recognize the potential and decide to increase the resources they dedicate to machine learning and predictive analytics tools.

The automotive industry is among those investing in AI the most. The industry is going to increase expenditures on AI technology for the foreseeable future.

The automotive world is focused on redefining its ecosystem. Along with converting to electric vehicles and delivering self-driving cars, automotive companies master their software development expertise. They have found that AI technology is opening new doors. Companies that fail to leverage AI effectively risk falling behind in a competitive industry.

Automotive OEMs and top automotive software companies can work together to build resilient software development processes with sophisticated AI algorithms that allow them to innovate, meet growing customer needs for infotainment systems, and monetize new business models.

Emeritus author Rachel Hastings has shared some of the benefits of AI in the automotive sector. She points out that BMW is one of the industry’s pioneers in using AI. The company is using robots powered by AI technology to create custom cars. They have also used machine learning to automate the transportation of important materials.

AI aids with digital transformation and software-defined vehicles

The automotive sector is changing from an industry focused on performance and design to a market defined by the quality and usability of delivered automotive software, which is made available by remarkable advances in AI. The impact of automotive software solutions is so crucial nowadays, that experts coined the term software-defined vehicle.

SDV leverages modern AI technology and robust software engineering services to provide automotive customers with advanced software products including advanced driver assistance systems, predictive maintenance, smart routing, and many more intelligent solutions. The main difference comparing to previous years is that automotive software solutions are no longer extra gadgets but are the central part of the vehicle development process. AI helps with all of these issues.

Advanced automotive software development services

Meeting the growing demand for advanced software products is challenging and the automotive industry needs help. They are discovering that there is a shortage of qualified AI developers that can help them meet their needs. We have shared some useful tips for creating quality AI applications, but actually implementing them consistently requires sophisticated training.

Along with the need for various apps, the market observes the rise of automotive software development services. Companies like Grape Up, a technology and software development consulting expert ensure complex services helping top automotive brands in delivering production-grade software and preparing for new business opportunities.

Technology consulting and software development for connected car solutions

One of the major trends of the software development revolution in the automotive ecosystem is the rapid growth of connected car technologies. This is one of the biggest benefits of AI in the automotive sector. With Grape Up highly experienced team, automotive companies build their software systems allowing for enhancing connectivity with the Cloud and leveraging vehicle-to-everything (infrastructure, other vehicles, numerous devices).

By building connected vehicle solutions, Grape Up helps the automotive industry use real-time data and sophisticated AI algorithms to improve driving experience, enhance communication, and increase productivity. Vehicle data processing allows to increase industry standards and design better solutions for maximum benefits. Data collected with these technologies provide insights for autonomous driving solutions.

Over-the-air updates enable automotive enterprises to implement continuous improvement, enhance software development life cycle management, leverage adjustment after automotive software testing which leads to increased software quality, and improve business processes.

Shared mobility and on-demand services

Customers are no longer interested in owning things. They just want the access to services. Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, and now vehicle companies building their competitive advantages in delivering access to products and services.

In order to provide these kinds of services, the automotive industry needs telematics platforms to better fleet management, inventory management, and track data. They also need solutions allowing for mobile, contactless rental and payment. Here comes Grape Up with proven expertise in building such solutions for top rental car companies.

AI-based software development

Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions are changing the automotive industry at every level. AI improves automotive software development, supply chain management, product development cycle, manufacturing, and automated testing. But also for ens-users artificial intelligence ensure a more personalized experience, support and assistance (autonomous vehicles), and new features. AI can enhance both embedded solutions and custom automotive technologies.

By developing AI-powered applications and building Machine Learning development platforms, Grape Up enables automotive companies to accelerate automotive software development and create more intelligent and user-friendly solutions.

Big data

Big data and AI are twin pillars in the field of software development. By using connectivity and telematics solutions, the automotive industry gained a better position than other industries in data processing. As a vehicle has become a digital device collecting and exchanging large volumes of information, big data technologies allow for increasing customer satisfaction and monetizing vehicle data by B2B data sharing.

Grape Up provides a dedicated team of data scientists and ML engineers to help automotive enterprises build data streaming platforms to aggregate information and turn them into actionable insights. Such data can be leveraged to help the organization make data-driven decisions, build a competitive advantage using real-time insights, and create new revenue streams.Loading…

The last decade in the automotive is just an introduction to what will come in the next years. Automotive development services go far from hardware-centric vehicle manufacturers to technology companies as many automotive enterprises want to be called. The central stage is taken by software and software-defined vehicles.Loading…

AI Software is Crucial for the Modern Automotive Industry

AI software has become remarkably useful in the automotive sector. A growing number of developers are using agile software processes and other tools to help create valuable AI applications for automotive companies. AI technology is going to truly change the industry in unimaginable ways.