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Monday, October 14, 2019
GM Ride-Share

How General Motors became the leader in the race for self-driving cars

By Jamie L. LaReau General Motors not only is back at the forefront of the auto industry, the auto giant is running neck and neck with Waymo as the perceived leader in self-driving car technology. Its self-driving vehicle...
Using technology to develop an effective last-mile logistics strategy

Using technology to develop an effective last-mile logistics strategy

By ProShip With e-commerce booming and more consumers shopping online, the push towards speedier fulfillment approaches and efficient last-mile logistics is strong. In the race to implement new technologies, experiment with new transportation approaches and utilize...
Bike Approach

Singapore will ban shared-bike users caught parking indiscriminately

  Users caught for parking their shared bicycles indiscriminately more than three times in a year will be banned temporarily from renting from all bike-sharing operators, following amendments made to the Parking Places Act passed...
Drivers Carpooling

Get all drivers involved in social carpooling

  While private-hire vehicles in other countries are usually cars owned by the drivers, the ones in Singapore tend to be rented, thus creating a "rental car for hire" market (Drivers seek 'fairer approach' in...
Micro-Mobility Is Here to Stay — Cities Should Act Accordingly

Micro-Mobility Is Here to Stay — Cities Should Act Accordingly

BY SKIP DESCANT Seemingly overnight, rent-to-ride electric scooters landed on city streets all across the country. In no time, the tiny two-wheelers jettisoned local governments to iron out legislation that would both allow the new forms...
Telematics Insurer

How telematics affected this insurer’s loss ratio

by Greg Meckbach Could Canadian insurers cut auto claims costs by 15% by using telematics? Perhaps, if they could somehow import the experience of European insurers. An unnamed European insurer compared its auto insurance customers who...
Car Finance

Carpooling: Waze Offers Texans A New Way To Rideshare

By Payton Potter, Patch Staff  Drivers in Texas now have another option when it comes to commuting around the state. Waze Carpool opened Monday to drivers statewide in an effort "to not just outsmart traffic, but end...
India Mobility

India can create a shared, electric, connected mobility system: Report

By Saubhagya Yojana Overcoming key barriers to vehicle electrification in India’s passenger mobility sector presents an enormous challenge for India—and also a tremendous economic opportunity, said a study. India can leapfrog the western mobility paradigm of private-vehicle...
Cap Ride-share

Florence residents can now use the ride-share app ‘Uber’

By Kiahnna Patterson FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – People in Florence can now use the ride-share app ‘Uber’. The Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce says it’s worked to bring Uber to Florence for about a year and a half. Chamber officials...
Carshare Teen

Four reasons to use a carshare for your teen

  School’s out for summer. As teens rejoice everywhere, moms and dads face the daunting task of adding being a taxi driver to the list of parental duties. Oh, the sunshine and long days! But also...

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