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Monday, January 21, 2019
Car Telematics

Car telematics devices: How these are useful

By Rajendra Saxena The digital technology to manage a car has moved from traditional GPS tracking to new telematics devices. With the help of car telematics devices drivers can improve their driving style, maintain the vehicle’s...
Telematics Insurance

Can telematics reduce insurance premiums?

  By Shaikh Zoaib Saleem The increasing popularity and penetration of wireless internet services is resulting in an ever-increasing number of connected devices in our lives. These connected devices include not just our smartphones but even household...
Scooter Service

A Scooter Ride-Sharing Service Is Coming to Melbourne

By Greta Brereton Scooti is a new ride-sharing service coming to Melbourne this April. Its point of difference in a crowded market? Passengers will be getting around on two wheels instead of four – the...
Patent Blockchain

Columbus launches unique ‘Smart City’ operating system

By Julie Carr Smyth, The Associated Press Ohio’s capital city unveiled the first version of a pioneering transportation operating system on Thursday that will bring online its smart city transportation network. Columbus beat out six other...
bike sharing

Bike-sharing: Time to crack down on free-riding?

By Andrew Delios The influx of bike-sharing schemes onto the streets and pavements of Singapore has received much positive press for the contributions to a healthier and cleaner nation. While operators oBike, ofo, Mobike and SG Bike...
Saves Commuters

Car Sharing Saves Cardiff Commuters Over £700 Each Year

 RACHEL JONES  Commuters in Cardiff could save over £700 if they car shared with four or more people three days out of the working week. New research from a national commuting survey by leading automotive retailer,...
Urban Mobility

Indian urban planners to take lessons from foreign counterparts at Hyderabad Urban Mobility Conference

Indian urban planners will learn from their foreign counterparts in the Urban mobility conference held at Hyderabad for three days starting Saturday. Case studies of many foreign...
Volvo Electric

2025: Half the Volvos Sold Will Be Fully-Electric

    Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, aims for fully electric cars to make up 50 per cent of its sales by 2025, the company announced today. The announcement builds on Volvo Cars’ 2017 industry-first announcement...
Consumers Telematics

Are consumers warming to telematics?

By Jason Contant A new survey for belairdirect has found more than half (53%) of polled Canadians would use an app that tracks their driving habits if it meant having a more personalized auto insurance rating. The finding...

Shared mobility: Rethinking rights-of-way for seamless movement

Coupled with advancements in the internet, social networking, location-based services and mobile technologies, and buoyed by the growing popularity of the sharing economy, shared mobility has emerged as hugely influential movement in urban transport. This...

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