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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Hyundai Grab

Hyundai invests in Grab to gain ‘foothold’ in Southeast Asia ride-hailing market

  SEOUL (Reuters)  Hyundai Motor said on Thursday it had invested in Southeast Asian ride-hailing firm Grab, as it seeks to expand into the region to reduce its reliance on China following a damaging diplomatic row between...
Automakers Japan

Full speed ahead for automakers in Japan’s car-sharing drive

  As the car-sharing market in Japan rapidly expands, major carmakers have been pressing down on the accelerator to get a share of the business. Against a backdrop of consumers shifting away from owning their own...
Rideshare Guy

The Rideshare Guy on Uber, Lyft, and what their drivers really want

By Patrick Sisson  The impact of ride-hailing has been swift and sweeping. Uber, which was founded less than a decade ago in 2009, has become a multibillion dollar transportation startup with worldwide ambitions, and the technical ability...
Uber Succes

Uber’s success a ‘double edged’ sword

By David Marin-Guzman It used to be that the world had to adapt to Uber. Now Uber is having to adapt to the world it helped create. In the four years since the rideshare company started operating...
Transport Cars

Shared transport could remove most cars

By Eric Frykberg, Transport, Energy & Resource Infrastructure Reporter. eric.frykberg@radionz.co.nz   A shared vehicle system could reduce the number of cars in cities to a little as 4 percent of current numbers, new research shows. Such systems - where...
Driverless Cars

Ride Sharing and Driverless Cars Are Game-Changers for Real Estate and Cities

By Jeremy Harper The coming wave of ride-hailing companies and driverless cars will push down levels of  vehicle ownership, reduce parking demand, and transform the way that city planners, real  estate owners, and consumers interact with...
USA Transit

Ride Sharing Begins to Replace Rapid Transit in USA

  Public transit officials in cities across the United States are trying to find ways for ride sharing to complement existing public transit options or those in the development pipeline, while others worry that ride...
Canada Uber

Cabbies demand ‘level playing field’ with ride-sharing

By Chris Vandenbreekel The debate around ride-sharing services came to Saskatoon Tuesday, as the union representing taxi drivers descended on city hall ahead of a discussion over rules for services like Uber, Lyft or TappCar. About 20...
Drivers Carpooling

Get all drivers involved in social carpooling

  While private-hire vehicles in other countries are usually cars owned by the drivers, the ones in Singapore tend to be rented, thus creating a "rental car for hire" market (Drivers seek 'fairer approach' in...
Cap Ride-share

New Uber carpooling option launches in LA

By Elijah Chiland  Uber users in Los Angeles will have a new way to hail a ride, starting today. The company’s Express Pool service, piloted last year in San Francisco and Boston, is now available to customers in...

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