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Bike Asia

Bike sharing explode across Asia

  Bike sharing is exploding in Asia. China has now more than 100 milliion riders registered. In Shanghai, five out of 10 people surveyed used a shared bike daily or several times a week. Singapore had the highest percentage...
Saves Commuters

Car Sharing Saves Cardiff Commuters Over £700 Each Year

 RACHEL JONES  Commuters in Cardiff could save over £700 if they car shared with four or more people three days out of the working week. New research from a national commuting survey by leading automotive retailer,...
Rail System

Technology, Shared Mobility And The Rail System

By Ryan Tam  Thanks to the hard work of Hawaii’s elected officials and civic leaders, Honolulu is on track to realizing a high-capacity, mass transit system — one that has been planned for decades and will...
Electric Vehicles

Pragmatism should drive policy for electric vehicles

By SURAJIT MITRA Electric mobility is the buzzword these days in the transportation and automotive sectors. Worldwide, governments are extending support for adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), largely defined by their respective national strategic imperatives. With the...
Drunk Passengers


By Lauren Eads The technology is intended to give drivers more information on the potential state of their impending fare, it’s also been criticised for its potential to give drivers the justification to refuse a...
Asian Cities

Asian cities poised to carry the torch for the smart city movement

By Maggie Zhang Asia’s major cities, and their hi-tech-savvy younger generation, are poised to play a more crucial future role in making urban life easier through the use of smart technology, a new McKinsey report predicts. The...
Seattle Bike

Uber wants to join Seattle’s bike-share battle

By  David Gutman  Seattle Times staff reporter A new competitor wants in on Seattle’s hypercompetitive, polychromatic bike-share landscape. Uber, the ride-hailing behemoth, plans to launch with its newly acquired, bright-red JUMP electric bikes. Uber bought JUMP, a bike-share...
Uber Taxi

Uber partners with local taxi operators

By Lisa Wang US-based ride-hailing service Uber Technologies Inc yesterday announced partnerships with three small-scale Taipei taxi operators to set up its UberTaxi service, in its latest efforts to secure a licensed operation. Uber Taiwan, a...

Cleaner, faster, greener: the Coming Revolutions

By LIAM MORIARTY Cleaner, Faster, Greener, and Cheaper: over the past century, fossil-fuel powered automobiles have become the default transportation mode across the industrialized world, impacting everything from patterns of land use to foreign policy. And while...
Flying Cars

Uber’s ‘flying cars’ could be operational in Sydney or Melbourne by 2020

By Ben Graham FORGET high-speed rail, Uber thinks it holds the futuristic key to freeing up the clogged roads which plague our big cities. As the California giant’s boffins touch down in Australia to woo pollies,...

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