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Monday, January 21, 2019
Transit Congestion

How Transit Is Turning to Tech to Cut Through Congestion

BY SKIP DESCANT Solving the pervasive problem of traffic congestion will require an approach that extends beyond bans on ride-hailing services, but looks to more nuanced solutions like better managing street right-of-ways and technology to give...
Consumers Telematics

Are consumers warming to telematics?

By Jason Contant A new survey for belairdirect has found more than half (53%) of polled Canadians would use an app that tracks their driving habits if it meant having a more personalized auto insurance rating. The finding...
Auto Execs

62% of Auto Execs Believe Blockchain Will Disrupt Industry within 3 Years: IBM Study

  The auto industry is betting big on blockchain. In fact, a whopping 62% of auto executives say the technology underpinning bitcoin will be a disruptive force in the industry by 2021. Moreover, 95% of carmakers...
China Blockchain

China: Blockchain Technology Powers a new Ride-Hailing App

By Eric Czuleger Andy Chen Weixing, the founder of Kuaidi Dache, was pushed out of China’s ride-hailing market in 2015. The company merged with a competitor ending in a price war with a more extensive service provider called...
Climate Foundation

Climate Foundation of Stadtwerke Winterthur supports BICAR

  In addition to the BICAR project, the start-ups “Prognolite” with their anti-food-waste software and “Myblueplanet” with their app promoting awareness for climate-friendly consumer behavior got support too. Climate friendliness is also the keyword for the...
Bike-Sharing Free

The way forward for the bike-sharing industry

By NITIN PANGARKAR After incurring hefty losses for more than a year, oBike ceased operations in Singapore on June 25. Though other players have exited the scene, oBike is the only member of the Big Three...
Bike Approach

Bike share scheme needs a cautious approach

  Monday's announcement Canberra's first dockless bike share scheme trial is about to begin will spark a lively, probably even colourful, community debate. That's because few subjects can match bicycles for their power to generate controversy...
Share Bikes

Share Bikes Hit The Road

By Erika Echternach From Shanghai to Barcelona bike share programs have become an international phenomenon, so why has Sydney sent multiple bike share operators packing? Of the four bike sharing companies currently operating in Sydney, two...
Bus Transit

Bus Transit Is Back, Thanks to Technology

BY BRIAN ZANGHI   Buses, America’s main mode of public transit, are often overlooked because of their perceived inefficiencies and the overall downward ridership trend. Reports of falling public transit ridership in cities across the U.S. seem to...
Carshare Teen

Four reasons to use a carshare for your teen

  School’s out for summer. As teens rejoice everywhere, moms and dads face the daunting task of adding being a taxi driver to the list of parental duties. Oh, the sunshine and long days! But also...

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