TEDx Talks: Emily Castor makes the case that ride and car sharing are not only a promising transportation alternatives–especially as the urban population continues to grow worldwide, but such examples of collaborative consumption are transformative agents for our economy and culture that increase personal freedom and move us closer toward the sharing economy. Emily Castor believes authentic communication can build meaningful communities around transportation. Emily is an original Lyft team member who has helped develop the ride sharing service into what it is today as the Director of Community Relations. Along the way, she honed her expertise in the shared economy through work with Congress, political candidates, and Universities. She learned the importance of having a presence on social media, and has turned her social presence into grassroots mobilization and community outreach. From here, she is working to pass laws on Capitol Hill, and encourage policy makers to adopt ridesharing as an environmentally-conscious and community-based alternative form of transportation. In her free time, Emily hosts Collaborative Chats, a monthly panel discussion for citizens, entrepreneurs, academics, and thought leaders to build community and discuss emerging issues of relevance to the sharing economy. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.