Last October, there was the official launch of ReFeel emobility that presented in Italy the first eco-sustainable corporate car-sharing project within a network of smart-working centers.
The electric corporate car sharing service is based on the Omoove Shared Mobility Platform that provides state-of-the-art technology features and high security standards for users.

ReFeel eMobility is the group company focused on sustainable mobility solutions. ReFeel’s activity in this field aims at fulfilling corporate clients’ growing needs in terms of mobility, especially within the urban environment, through the offering of fleets of shared electric vehicles (EVs).
The corporate car sharing service currently offered by ReFeel is composed of an integrating set of advanced services for sustainable mobility:

  • Client support in the identification and definition of its needs in terms of sustainable mobility within his corporate
  • Client support in the identification of the appropriate EVs to be included in the corporate fleet
  • Provision of electric charging stations compatible with the identified EVs
  • Installation of a management integrated platform for EV car sharing

ReFeel eMobility has launched its inter-company corporate car sharing service (e.g. EVs shared by different companies)
ReFeel wishes to achieve multiple objectives:

  • Help clients generate relevant savings in terms of total cost of ownership of his corporate fleets. This can be achieved through the reduction of the overall number of vehicles being part of the fleet and the optimization of their usage patterns through same-company and inter-company car sharing approach
  • Increase clients’ brand reputation
  • Help clients increase their level of corporate social responsibility
  • Generate environmental benefits for the community through reduction of traffic and greenhouse gas emissions

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