Mexico is living a revolution in the use of the private cars: Carrot launched a new service to share private cars, like a sort of Airbnb but in car sharing. According to the company, private cars are not used for almost 90% of their time. Carrot wants to create a platform that can help owners to share their cars with potential users. The system is quite simple: the owner establishes how much he wants to gain for the renting, and the company gets a percentage of the revenue.
In Europe, we have seen companies like Omoove presenting a technology that can help to manage this business idea. Sharemine is a shared mobility platform for micro-small-and medium operators that allows simple creation of car sharing or ridesharing communities.
Sharemine is a web-based tool, which provides individuals and companies with the ability to create and monitor car sharing and ridesharing communities. It works for parents’ trip-sharing for the school run and sporting events to friends co-ordinating travel plans to less accessible locations. Sharemine is also of great benefit to owners and operators of vehicle fleets, particularly small and medium enterprises.
The community is fully configurable and the dashboard allows tracking of the number of users and vehicles currently active, as well as drivers, riders, bookings and travel in progress. It also allows rental or ride revenue to be tracked according to rates defined by the community manager. Based on community manager preference, Sharemine allows the inclusion of insurance telematics capabilities based on Octo technology to encourage safer driving and ensure that drivers are benefitting from their good driving behaviours.
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