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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Japan Taxix

Japan to let taxis set fares before rides

By KAZUHIRO OGAWA Taxi riders in Japan will be able to confirm their fares in advance, under new transport ministry regulations designed to eliminate concerns over how much a ride will cost and encourage the use...
Smart cities

Smart cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future

By Jonathan Woetzel, Jaana Remes, Brodie Boland, Katrina Lv, Suveer Sinha, Gernot Strube, John Means, Jonathan Law, Andres Cadena, and Valerie von der Tann Until recently, city leaders thought of smart technologies primarily as tools...

Cleaner, faster, greener: the Coming Revolutions

By LIAM MORIARTY Cleaner, Faster, Greener, and Cheaper: over the past century, fossil-fuel powered automobiles have become the default transportation mode across the industrialized world, impacting everything from patterns of land use to foreign policy. And while...

Uber – The New Wave!

Convenience has taken a whole new dimension in the transportation sector. With a smartphone, internet access, and a bank account (all of which you must have right now), you can have a driver take...
Telematics India

“Telematics will help ascertain correct premium”

Innovative products, effective distribution models and wider use of technology are required for the growth of insurance in India. Pushan Mahapatra, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SBI General Insurance, talks with Teena...

Claims in the digital age: How insurers can get started

By Pia Brüggemann, Tanguy Catlin, Jonas Chinczewski, Johannes-Tobias Lorenz, and Samantha Prymak. The insurance industry is in the midst of a radical, digitally infused shake-up. Customers are embracing digital channels, and technologies such as the...

Proud to be the organizers of the Insurtech Panel at FORINVEST 2018

The bank and insurance transformation is already a fact. The new generations are driving a continuous change of the business models. On-line reputation, digital banking, insurtech, fintech, are just some of the key words...

FORINVEST 2018 will include a new Fintech and InsurTech Conference

Following the huge success of FORINVEST previous editions, The Innovation Fintech and Insurtech Conference, Valencia, organized under the umbrella of FORINVEST 2018, with the support of several international partners next March 7th & 8th, aims...
smart cities

Smart cities: Turning opportunity into reality

By Global Infrastructure Initiative In a world where technology is increasingly ubiquitous, it seems every city is a smart city. The mass deployment of broadband infrastructure, mobile phones, and wireless connectivity is just the beginning....
Self-driving car

Weekly Brief: GM ready to mass produce a self-driving car

Self-driving car: Chevy Bolt clone being readied to deliver Level 4 autonomy but only when legislation allows. Andrew Tolve reports. Ready or not, the world is about to get a mass-produced self-driving car. Cruise Automation...

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