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Friday, March 22, 2019
London Bike

How London could improve its bike-share system

By Carla Fried Dozens of cities, from Chicago to Paris to Shanghai, have rolled out bike-share programs over the past decade to relieve pressure on automobile-clogged roadways and overtaxed public-transportation systems—and to potentially improve public...
Sweden Electric

Sweden Puts Its Money On Small Electric Vehicles

By Steve Hanley Elon Musk likes to start at the top and work down. In Sweden, when it comes to EV incentives, the government is starting at the bottom and working its way up. According...
Auto Electric


By James Ayre The embattled on-demand taxi service firm Uber has announced that it has acquired the electric bike-sharing service startup JUMP Bikes, marking the company’s further investment into the on-demand mobility services sector. The exact...
Bike Approach

China’s Meituan buys bike-sharing firm Mobike in mobility push

By Yingzhi Yang, Meng Jing, Coco Liu   Meituan will acquire 100 percent of loss-making Mobike for US$2.7 billion, according to a person briefed on the terms, who asked not to be named as the information was not public. Yicai,...
Sharing Economy

‘Sharing economy’ in China feeling the growing pains of rapid expansion

  While the "sharing economy" based on communal use of items and spaces has rapidly expanded in China with ride-sharing and other services, sudden service interruptions and unreturned deposits are also rising to the surface. In...
Bike Sharing

How India rides the wave of cycle sharing, in comparison to other countries

By GREG MORAN   Will cycle sharing in India blaze its own trail compared to the rest of the world?. Cycle sharing in its current avatar of technology-enabled, dockless bicycles is just 24 months old. Never in human...
Bike Approach

Singapore will ban shared-bike users caught parking indiscriminately

  Users caught for parking their shared bicycles indiscriminately more than three times in a year will be banned temporarily from renting from all bike-sharing operators, following amendments made to the Parking Places Act passed...
Bike Sharing

Chinese Bike Sharing Firms Eye South Korea

  When I lived in Singapore in 2017, the frequent breakdown of the city-state’s “world-class” metro and its slow buses led me into the world of bike sharing. Now, the three bike sharing companies I used there —...
Bike Approach

Bike-sharing grows as innovative approach to [almost] free wheeling

By Kody Acevedo If you’ve spotted an unattended yellow bike parked in arbitrary spots around town, don’t fret—they do indeed serve a purpose. The dockless two-wheelers are part of a new variety of bike-share programs that debuted...
Bike Sharing

Bike-sharing service seeks footprint in College Place, Walla Walla

By Andy Porter One of the colorful players in the rapidly-expanding rental bike market may soon be wheeling down local streets. The bike-sharing service LimeBike has approached College Place seeking to start operating in the city. The...

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