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Shared-use mobility: what is it? Present and Future

Shared-use Mobility: today, we start we a new series of article on shared-use mobility. In the following articles, we will analyze each of the transportation services that are shared among users. Today, we analyze...

New player to enter Hong Kong bike-sharing market

 Four cycling enthusiasts are set to launch a new bike-sharing mobile application, challenging the ­status of Gobee.bike – the city’s first and only service – by ­promising cheaper charges and designated parking spaces. To...
With new mobility options, Detroit goes multimodal

With new mobility options, Detroit goes multimodal

By David Sands It's a chilly Thursday night in late January, and Detroiter Tamara Ballinger is waiting for a bus at DDOT's Rosa Parks Transit Center. The 21-year-old college student and fast food worker is...
China Bike

China rides into a bike-sharing future

By Lu Hai Liang Beijing was once a city of personal bicycles and domestic brands such as the heavy but reliable Flying Pigeon were all over the capital before cars and scooters began to proliferate...


Extract of the Report prepared by Peter Migdley for the UN - Department of Economics and Social Affairs, Commission on Sustainable Development. Overview of bicycle-sharing schemes Also called "Public-Use Bicycles" (PUBs), "Bicycle Transit, "Bikesharing" or "Smart...
Bike Approach

Bike-sharing grows as innovative approach to [almost] free wheeling

By Kody Acevedo If you’ve spotted an unattended yellow bike parked in arbitrary spots around town, don’t fret—they do indeed serve a purpose. The dockless two-wheelers are part of a new variety of bike-share programs that debuted...
Bike Sharing

Chinese Bike Sharing Firms Eye South Korea

  When I lived in Singapore in 2017, the frequent breakdown of the city-state’s “world-class” metro and its slow buses led me into the world of bike sharing. Now, the three bike sharing companies I used there —...
Domestic bike-sharing industry rebuilds after bubble bursts: analysts

Domestic bike-sharing industry rebuilds after bubble bursts: analysts

  Bike-sharing companies are raising their rates as they face decreasing profit margins, but experts said the industry is at present the best way to solve the last-mile problem for commuters. Industry insiders said that the...
A new geography of sustainable transit

A new geography of sustainable transit

By Mira Klein Alongside “smart cities” and “transit-oriented development,” the term “mobility hubs” is joining the buzzy phrases making their mark on sustainable urban planning. Mobility hubs are a cornerstone concept for shared mobility transit, which...

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