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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Cap Ride-share

New Uber carpooling option launches in LA

By Elijah Chiland  Uber users in Los Angeles will have a new way to hail a ride, starting today. The company’s Express Pool service, piloted last year in San Francisco and Boston, is now available to customers in...
Fuel Autonomy

How EVs, Fuel Economy & Autonomy Could Significantly Alter Long-Term Oil Demand Outlook

By Matt Piotrowski   Production costs for electric vehicles (EVs) are falling, EV drivers are enjoying savings on fuel expenditures, and numerous governments remain committed to their growth longer term. As EVs narrow the gap in costs versus internal...
Bike Sharing

How India rides the wave of cycle sharing, in comparison to other countries

By GREG MORAN   Will cycle sharing in India blaze its own trail compared to the rest of the world?. Cycle sharing in its current avatar of technology-enabled, dockless bicycles is just 24 months old. Never in human...
Dubai Taxis

The present and future of taxis in Dubai

By Angel Tesorero Sustainability and smart mobility are at the core of Dubai's vision to become the 'smartest' city in the world. Add to the equation the fast developing technology and we witness a big change...
Car2go Chicago

Car2go Point-to-Point Car-Sharing Has Launched in Chicago

By John Greenfield No one could argue that Car2go CEO Olivier Reppert didn’t have some skin in the game during the Chicago launch of the point-to-point car-sharing service this morning in Pioneer Court. He stood motionless...


By Rory Lemmon Fast Company writes that the plans are predicted to lead to significant savings on things like fuels, as India looks towards changes in motoring activities, as well as building cities which revolve...
Bike Approach

Bike-sharing grows as innovative approach to [almost] free wheeling

By Kody Acevedo If you’ve spotted an unattended yellow bike parked in arbitrary spots around town, don’t fret—they do indeed serve a purpose. The dockless two-wheelers are part of a new variety of bike-share programs that debuted...
Transportation App

Finnish transportation app Whim to be launched in Singapore by 2018

  Singapore will be the first country in Asia to try out Finnish transportation app Whim - a service that shows users the best way to get from one point to another using public transport. The...
Hyundai Mobility

Hyundai Motor Builds Mobility Business Belt that Links US, Europe and Asia

By Michael Herh Hyundai Motor secured a bridgehead into the US considered the biggest future car market while investing in Migo, a car sharing information provider in the US. The investment in Migo is the...


The problem of CO2 Emissions. In September 2013, over 40 Dutch organisations, including local governments, employers, unions, nature and environment organisations and financial institutes, entered into an Energy Agreement on sustainable growth (SER, 2013). The...

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