By Payton Potter, Patch Staff 
Drivers in Texas now have another option when it comes to commuting around the state. Waze Carpool opened Monday to drivers statewide in an effort “to not just outsmart traffic, but end it,” as Waze put it.
Drivers with the Waze app can now set up a carpool account that matches them with riders going to a nearby location.
The app pairs drivers with a single rider or a carpool crew and gives the driver directions to a pickup and drop-off spot near the riders’ destination. The best part? The app lets riders reimburse drivers for gas used during the ride.
Those hoping to catch a ride must download an app called Waze Carpool. According to Waze, the carpool matchup service can help you with “making new friends, cutting back on emissions and saving money.”

The program launched in Houston in September after Hurricane Harvey left many Houstonians without vehicles.
The carpool option received positive feedback, so Waze expanded to serve all of Texas.
Carpooling helps protect the environment and lessen traffic. Waze asks that you “tell friends, family, coworkers and more.
Download [the] apps to drive or ride (search “Waze” in your app store) and join the revolution because we all hate traffic, and it’s time to do something about it.”