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Thursday, January 18, 2018
Sweden Electric

Sweden Puts Its Money On Small Electric Vehicles

By Steve Hanley Elon Musk likes to start at the top and work down. In Sweden, when it comes to EV incentives, the government is starting at the bottom and working its way up. According...
China Bike

Bicycle graveyard filled with GPS tracked rental bikes highlights failing business model

By Matthew Dunn@mattydunn11  UNDETERRED by the frequent controversy surrounding bikes cluttering public spaces, more dockless bicycle sharing companies are starting to surface on the Australian market. The GPS tracked bikes aim to offer a cheap alternative to public...
Bike Asia

Bike sharing explode across Asia

  Bike sharing is exploding in Asia. China has now more than 100 milliion riders registered. In Shanghai, five out of 10 people surveyed used a shared bike daily or several times a week. Singapore had the highest percentage...
bike sharing

Bike-sharing: Time to crack down on free-riding?

By Andrew Delios The influx of bike-sharing schemes onto the streets and pavements of Singapore has received much positive press for the contributions to a healthier and cleaner nation. While operators oBike, ofo, Mobike and SG Bike...
Car Sharing

Car sharing can promote efficient use of resources in China

By Jia Xinguang Source:Global Times Recently, with the rise of bike sharing and other shared forms of transportation in major cities of China, car sharing has become a hot topic. Currently, car sharing is very...
Cities Rural

Can Shared Mobility work in small cities or rural areas ?

  Shared mobility have experienced success in cities that have a really good transit background already... All of these modes team up to enable people to live car-free or car-light lifestyles. But now mid-sized cities, smaller communities...
cycle sharing

How India rides the wave of cycle sharing, in comparison to other countries

By GREG MORAN   Will cycle sharing in India blaze its own trail compared to the rest of the world?. Cycle sharing in its current avatar of technology-enabled, dockless bicycles is just 24 months old. Never in human...
bicycles car-sharing

Bicycles are eating the lunch of China’s dominant car-sharing app

By Li Tao Didi Chuxing last year beat the car-sharing business model’s pioneer Uber Technologies at its own game, and bought out the New York company’s China business to become the dominant app for hailing...
Shared Mobility Systems


Shared mobility systems for bicycles and cars have grown in popularity in recent years and have attracted the attention of the operational research community. Researchers Laporte, from the HEC Montréal, Meunier, from the Université...

Town, County Consider New Rideshare, Bikeshare Programs

By Lisa Finn  SOUTHOLD, NY — With the North Fork continuing to emerge as a tourist destination, Southold Town is seeking alternatives to help solve traffic congestion issues and help visitors and residents traverse area...

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