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Thursday, May 24, 2018
Adelaide Bkeshare

Chinese company wins Adelaide bikeshare monopoly as competitor ordered to leave

  Bension Siebert@Bension1  The only competitor to bikeshare giant ofo has been told to cease operating in Adelaide, handing the Chinese company an effective monopoly as it lobbies to become a sanctioned private arm of SA’s...
Bike Shared

China’s Ofo to launch bicycle sharing service in India through tie-up with Paytm

By Salman S.H. Beijing-based bicycle sharing start-up Ofo is expected to launch its services in India on Monday and will be made available on Paytm, three people familiar with the development said. Social media posts...
Bike Sharing

Bike-Sharing Companies Transform U.S. Cities

By Douglas Johnson Residents of major U.S. cities are becoming used to seeing docks for bike sharing programs nestled into parking spaces or next to subway station entrances. Adorned with stylish branding and corporate sponsors'...
Bike Sharing

Ofo, Mobike to Launch Bike-sharing Services in Israel

CTech Beijing-based bike-sharing company Ofo is set to launch its service in Israel this week. The service will be available in Ramat Gan, a city adjacent to Tel Aviv, the City of Ramat Gan announced. Chinese...
London Bike

How London could improve its bike-share system

By Carla Fried Dozens of cities, from Chicago to Paris to Shanghai, have rolled out bike-share programs over the past decade to relieve pressure on automobile-clogged roadways and overtaxed public-transportation systems—and to potentially improve public...
Sweden Electric

Sweden Puts Its Money On Small Electric Vehicles

By Steve Hanley Elon Musk likes to start at the top and work down. In Sweden, when it comes to EV incentives, the government is starting at the bottom and working its way up. According...
Auto Electric


By James Ayre The embattled on-demand taxi service firm Uber has announced that it has acquired the electric bike-sharing service startup JUMP Bikes, marking the company’s further investment into the on-demand mobility services sector. The exact...
Bike Asia

Bike sharing explode across Asia

  Bike sharing is exploding in Asia. China has now more than 100 milliion riders registered. In Shanghai, five out of 10 people surveyed used a shared bike daily or several times a week. Singapore had the highest percentage...
Cities Rural

Can Shared Mobility work in small cities or rural areas ?

  Shared mobility have experienced success in cities that have a really good transit background already... All of these modes team up to enable people to live car-free or car-light lifestyles. But now mid-sized cities, smaller communities...
Solar Program

China’s Meituan buys bike-sharing firm Mobike in mobility push

By Yingzhi Yang, Meng Jing, Coco Liu   Meituan will acquire 100 percent of loss-making Mobike for US$2.7 billion, according to a person briefed on the terms, who asked not to be named as the information was not public. Yicai,...

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