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Friday, August 17, 2018
Bike Approach

Bike share scheme needs a cautious approach

  Monday's announcement Canberra's first dockless bike share scheme trial is about to begin will spark a lively, probably even colourful, community debate. That's because few subjects can match bicycles for their power to generate controversy...
Transport Cars

Shared transport could remove most cars

By Eric Frykberg, Transport, Energy & Resource Infrastructure Reporter. eric.frykberg@radionz.co.nz   A shared vehicle system could reduce the number of cars in cities to a little as 4 percent of current numbers, new research shows. Such systems - where...
Carrot car sharing Mexico

Car Sharing in Mexico: will Carrot become the next Airbnb?

Mexico is living a revolution in the use of the private cars: Carrot launched a new service to share private cars, like a sort of Airbnb but in car sharing. According to the company,...
Saves Commuters

Car Sharing Saves Cardiff Commuters Over £700 Each Year

 RACHEL JONES  Commuters in Cardiff could save over £700 if they car shared with four or more people three days out of the working week. New research from a national commuting survey by leading automotive retailer,...
Arlington Service

Arlington Turns to Rideshare Service Via for Mass Transit

BY LANCE MURRAY Earlier this month, the Arlington City Council voted to end the route, and replace it with the ridesharing service Via beginning Dec. 11. D Magazine said Arlington will become the first U.S. city to convert...

Enhancing Urban Mobility: Integrating Ride-sharing and Public Transit

By Mitja Stiglic, Niels Agatz, Martin Savelsbergh, and Mirko Gradisar, (Computers & Operations Research, Vol. 90, February 2018) People all around the world use private cars to travel to work. Most of these commuter trips...
Uber Autonomous

Uber creates simulated city to test autonomous cars

By Mick Chan In its efforts toward developing self-driving vehicles, ride-sharing company Uber has constructed a purpose-built ‘fake city’ for the testing of its autonomous cars, which already run in San Francisco. Dubbed Almono, the facility is built...
E-bike Bike

Gates adds personnel to support growth in e-bike and bike share markets

DENVER (BRAIN) — Gates Industrial Corporation, maker of the Gates Carbon Drive belt system, has created several new positions within its bicycle division to meet growing customer demand in electric mobility and share/fleet bikes. “While the...
Singapore Car

How technology can make Singapore a car-lite society

By Wu Xian Easy access to high quality and efficient transportation infrastructure already makes Singapore one of greatest cities in the world to live and work. But the desire to attract the best talent and businesses...
Cars Future

Electric Cars Are Critical to a Clean Future

By DAVID REICHMUTH, SENIOR ENGINEER, CLEAN VEHICLES Electric vehicles (EVs) are an important part of how we will reduce climate-changing emissions, air pollution, and petroleum consumption. Are they the only way we will cut pollution from personal...

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