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Monday, October 15, 2018
Gatwick Carpooling

Gatwick introduces carpooling service to incentivise airport staff

  London’s Gatwick Airport has rolled out a carpooling service that provides airport’s employees with preferential parking spaces and tracks their associated reduction in vehicle miles and emissions in real-time. Gatwick claims to be the first...
GM Ride-Share

For A Self-Driving Car Ride-Share Service, GM Is Keeping Its Options Open

By Sean Szymkowski General Motors has plans to commercialize the self-driving car in 2019 in the form of a ride-sharing service. However, there’s no concrete plan on how that service will look just yet. GM CEO Mary Barra commented...
Automakers Japan

Full speed ahead for automakers in Japan’s car-sharing drive

  As the car-sharing market in Japan rapidly expands, major carmakers have been pressing down on the accelerator to get a share of the business. Against a backdrop of consumers shifting away from owning their own...
Ride Sharing

How safe is ride sharing

  Business travellers around the world feel marginally safer in taxis than in ride-sharing services, according to research commissioned by Carlson Wagonlit Travel, the global travel management company. Around two in five (39%) business travellers surveyed...
AI Taxis


By MATTHEW SWAYNE-PENN STATE In a study, the researchers used two types of neural networks—computational systems modeled on the human brain—that analyzed patterns of taxi demand. This deep learning approach, which lets computers learn on their...
Smart Transportation

Smart transportation market to register a double-digit CAGR of 20% over 2018-2024

  With the robust penetration of smart technologies in the transit space, smart transportation market has been progressing at a prodigious pace in the recent years. The growth can be aptly credited to the efforts of the...
Car Money

How your next car could make you money

By Dom Tripolone HYUNDAI owners will soon be able to earn thousands for simply not using their car. The South Korean car maker has joined forces with local car sharing company Car Next Door which allows...
Parking Sharing

San Francisco prioritizes parking for car sharing

By Sharon Ede Carsharing provides many social, economic, and environmental benefits, such as reduced household costs, increased access to transportation for lower-income households, less traffic congestion, and lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions. However, existing urban...
Traffic Lighsts


Por Alistair Hardaker New AI research suggests that self-driving cars could one day travel at speed through junctions without needing to slow down or stop. The successful technology would mean an end to traffic lights and waiting at...
BMW Ride

BMW Combines Car and Ride Sharing

By Matt DeLorenzo Through its ReachNow mobility unit, BMW is offering both ride and car sharing services through a single app, allowing users to choose whether they want to drive a car or hail a...

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