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Monday, November 20, 2017
Telematics India

“Telematics will help ascertain correct premium”

Innovative products, effective distribution models and wider use of technology are required for the growth of insurance in India. Pushan Mahapatra, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SBI General Insurance, talks with Teena...
Rides AI

Scooter of the future: Scooterson rides the AI wave with electric two-wheeler

 By SINDHU KASHYAP The world was facing the Second Great War. Weapons that could never be imagined were being used to demolish towns, homes and infrastructure. To be able to navigate these broken...
Automaker Sacramento

How One Automaker’s Bad Behavior Is Good For Sacramento

By Randol White The Sacramento area is on its way to becoming the first city in the nation with an expansive network of shared electric vehicles and charging stations. Part of Volkswagen's settlement with the State...
Cars Future

Electric Cars Are Critical to a Clean Future

DAVID REICHMUTH, SENIOR ENGINEER, CLEAN VEHICLES Electric vehicles (EVs) are an important part of how we will reduce climate-changing emissions, air pollution, and petroleum consumption. Are they the only way we will cut pollution from personal transportation?...
Transit Cities

Shared transit a fix for traffic bottlenecks in cities: experts

By HYDERABAD Shared transport modes were consistently taking over private transit choices in Indian cities, including Hyderabad. Ride-sharing and shuttle services were growing at a pace of 9% per annum. This against the 3.16% growth rate of...
Mobility Experience

Bosch Mobility Experience: Not driving and not owning cars is the future of mobility

By: Arpit Mahendra   Every 25 seconds or so, someone loses their life in a traffic accident somewhere in the world. 1.2 million traffic fatalities take place every year and about 90 % of these accidents happen...
Electric Singapore

Electric car-sharing service appealing, but has its problems

By JOVI LOO LEK YANG   It is exciting to hear that Singapore’s first large-scale electric car-renting service will start in December (“Electric car-sharing services to hit roads in December”; Sept 27). Successfully implemented, this initiative could bring...
mobility cloud

Future mobility profits lie in the cloud

By Hao Yan  Carmakers' good days will soon be gone as their margins are narrowing while the ownership of data is predicted to become the future source of profits.Global industry insiders foresee car users in...
Australia Car

Car ownership the norm, despite the rise in car sharing

By Caitlin Fitzsimmons  When Bronwen Morgan and her husband Jim Conley moved back to Australia with two small children in tow, her mother lent them her car. But within a week they'd racked up two...
Paris Electric

Forget car sharing – Paris’s shared electric mopeds are the future

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo showing off her scooter. Image: Getty. By Alfie Shaw The mayor of Paris, Anne Hildago, is fighting for a cleaner, healthier city. The city has one of the densest metro systems in the world, its bicycle...

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