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Portland Isn’t a Fan of Cars. But It Loves This Car-sharing App.

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It’s no secret. When it comes to cars, Portland swipes left.

Our roads are one of the primary indicators of an unwavering population influx.

Streets are increasingly single-lane, and those flashy condos you see hovering over Division or the Pearl nix parking with pride. In turn, car ownership is a dying industry.

Now more than ever, denizens have to choose their wheels–and their minutes behind the wheel–wisely.

A city that bemoans traffic needs more options. Born in Seattle in April 2016 and launched in Portland last September, ReachNow offers a free-floating car share fleet that, unlike its competitors, is tailored specifically to both Portland’s psyche and geography.

ReachNow offers a range of BMWs and MINIs, all of which seat at least four. Most have all wheel drive, and this is the only car share in PDX with electric vehicles.

ReachNow has Oregon on the mind: Durable builds, like the all-wheel drive, encourage adventure.

You can endure a highway trek deep into the mountains so you can get your hike on, or flee to the coast for a clam chowder conquest. With ReachNow, you do you.

And they make everything so easy. For one, there’s no signup fee. It takes less time to download the app and enter a vehicle than it does to fill out an OKCupid profile.

And by car, we’re talking roomy rides with snug, spacious seating for your family, or your “fam.” There’s an emphasis on cargo space for luggage or your bike and ultra-modern sound systems that vividly showcase your friend’s band’s new demo tape.

The best part: You don’t have to be 25. Portland is youth-oriented, and ReachNow is mindful of that customer base.

Unlike traditional car rental companies, a consumer only has to be 18 to sign up.

That’s right, if you’re a student scrambling to make it to a morning class at PSU from the east side–this is your magic pumpkin ride. ReachNow is perfect for errands, one-way trips and emergencies.

ReachNow is always on call. Say it’s raining cats and dogs and you don’t have the energy, or the time, to stand at a transit stop for twenty minutes.

Maybe you’ve already taken the MAX to the city from Gresham. ReachNow can be your whole journey, but it’s also your designated transit connector. It might meet you halfway, but only physically; it delivers on all your demands.

While it’s environmentally sustainable, ReachNow is also affordable.

About half the cost of its ride-sharing competition, you can get to the airport for under $20 from most of the city. That means extra pocket change toward your Country Cat or cold brew at PDX.

So, why should you use ReachNow? Your city, your wallet, your conscience and that little piece of you that favors convenience have already said yes.

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