Shared Mobility

Corporate Car Sharing: an innovative solution to save the cost for company employees’ car and taxi work travel

The meaning of Corporate Car Sharing is simple and straightforward: placing a dedicated fleet of vehicles at company premises for the shared use among its employees.
Corporate Car Sharing allows the Companies to optimize their fleet management and significantly reduce fleet-related costs over the long term. It also allows to offer to their employees an attractive mobility solution. Thus, employees are always mobile even if they don’t have a company car, and they don’t have to use rental cars or public transportation for business trips. In this way your employees can save not only on costs but also on time.
If you’re a company that needs to make your employees travel in a safe, efficient and sustainable way, you can choose an innovative technology solution.
Benefits are both for the company and for employees by generating real savings and by giving each participant the freedom to choose a car that suits its general and specific mobility needs.
From the company standpoint, a Corporate Car Sharing Solution can:

For the benefit of employees, a Corporate Car sharing Solution will:

At a corporate level, the company can have the freedom to share its vehicles to employees for professional or private use as well.
The employees can book the car for professional use when they have client visits or are visiting the office from another location or they can book the car for personal use during the weekends or outside working hours for leisure activities. Furthermore, employees can choose to share their own vehicle to other colleagues, either for professional use or even for private use.
Corporate Car Sharing is introducing a whole new kind of business mobility and many companies over the world have already chosen to adopt this solution to save the cost for their employees’ car and taxi work travel.

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