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Monday, December 9, 2019
Seattle's 'microtransit' experiment drives people to light rail. Is it working?

Seattle’s ‘microtransit’ experiment drives people to light rail. Is it working?

  By Josh Cohen If you’ve ridden light rail in the Rainier Valley in the past few months you’ve no doubt seen them: black vans with a blue Seattle skyline painted on the sides. Called Via to Transit,...
Five Promises of Micromobility

Five Promises of Micromobility

Posted by florentcrivello Disclaimer: I’m a product manager at Uber. This piece represents my views only, and not those of people working on behalf of Uber.   A wave of electric scooters and bikes has been taking...
Oregon State

Free parking at Oregon State Parks? Use a car-share

By: Amy Frazier and KOIN 6 News Staff PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) -- With a stated goal of making the outdoors more accessible to everyone, the Oregon State Parks Foundation is teaming up with 2 car-sharing services to have...
Smart Fast

Smart AND Fast: Smart cities, transportation and mobility for Hong Kong

By Elise Mak Get Smart A forum hosted by Smart City Consortium on June 1 explored how technology shapes lives. Smart mobility is a way to move people and goods using new technology that is faster, cleaner,...
Future of mobility

Future of mobility

BY EVAN WILLIAMS IMAGINE A FUTURE IN WHICH IT IS MORE convenient and less costly to own a subscription to a ride-share service not unlike Uber or Lyft to get around, rather than owning a...
Smart Transportation Market to cross USD 130 billion by 2024

Smart transportation market to cross USD 130 billion by 2024

  Global Smart Transportation Market is set to grow from its current market value of more than $41 billion to over $130 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights,...
Sharing Economy

‘Sharing economy’ in China feeling the growing pains of rapid expansion

  While the "sharing economy" based on communal use of items and spaces has rapidly expanded in China with ride-sharing and other services, sudden service interruptions and unreturned deposits are also rising to the surface. In...
Drivers Insurance

‘Rideshare Guy’ Says 60-80% of Drivers Still Don’t Have Correct Insurance

By Don Jergler He calls himself “The Rideshare Guy” and he’s become one of the more prolific voices covering the still-burgeoning business. When Uber and Lyft were at the point in development that they were considered...
Ride India

The demand for ride-sharing apps in India and why more people are using them

By Sanchit Khera If there is a way to save cost, then a majority of the Indian consumers will try to check it out. That’s been one of the more important ways in which ride...
Drivers App

Car pooling popularity on rise with Tauranga motorists

By: Kiri Gillespie Tauranga's worsening traffic woes have prompted a carpooling movement among frustrated motorists who have "had enough". Former Aucklander Josh Cole is running a Tauranga car pooling Facebook page, aimed at getting more people to...

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