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Autonomous vehicles: the future of transportation

Autonomous vehicles: the future of transportation

An autonomous vehicle, also known as a driverless vehicle refers to a self-driving vehicle with an ability to sense. These vehicles use a fully automated driving system that is capable of responding to external conditions that a human driver can manage. Compared to manually-driven cars, autonomous vehicles have other advantages apart from being environmentally friendly. They reduce the risk of vehicle crashes as its software is designed to make fewer mistakes, reduce road congestion that comes with irresponsible driving, and allow people with disabilities to drive to places. It also reduces driver fatigue and makes overnight journeys easy.

With many tech giants such as Apple, Toyota, Google, and Tesla exploring this new technology, these are the trends that make anticipating the future exciting.

The First Level 5 Autonomous Car: The development of an autonomous car is divided into five stages and with the currency developments, manufacturers are hopeful for a level 5 car.



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