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Automakers accelerate electric vehicle push

As mentioned in Forbes, rapid battery cost declines, rising commitment from major automakers, strong policy support from state and local governments, and low operational costs (including discounted charging tariffs from utilities) have put electric vehicles (EVs) on track to pass gasoline-powered vehicles.
Given these advantages, global car manufacturers are finally waking up to the EV revolution.
The last couple of months have been very exciting: first Volvo said it would stop making cars powered only by fossil fuels within two years.
Then Jaguar and Land Rover announced similar plans.   .
Mercedes-Benz said it will electrify its entire car lineup by 2022.
By now all traditional automakers have all stepped up their push to go electric….and yerterday Barron´s published this title: “Electric Vehicles: A Trigger For Traditional Automakers’ Collapse?”
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