Shared Mobility

Acceleration and Innovation when Launching Carsharing Services

Sandra Phillips

We had the pleasure to listen the recent intervention by Sandra Phillips at the FIA Conference, Toronto.
Sandra Phillips is the founder of movmi, and is a Shared Mobility Architect who has helped start-ups and Fortune500 organizations since 2010 to create the next generation of shared mobility services.
One of the most important detail of the FIA discussion by Sandra, was the “Bermuda triangle of shared mobility”, or rather, the three areas that define a car-sharing operation: physical space, vehicles, members.

  1. The physical space: includes the road and parking spaces, depending on the shared mobility model. Regardless of the option, the users need to find the vehicle in a physical space and wayfinding is key.
  2. The vehicles: on the one hand they need to be connected to the cloud for members to reserve and unlock it through their app. But apart from connecting the cars to the cloud, they have to be well maintained and serviced. The more efficient your infield management is, the better the experience for your members and the more cost effective for your operations.
  3. The members: they all need access to a vehicle on an occasional basis and want to book one, drive one and move to wherever they need to go. But before they even can drive, they need to register for the program.

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